Visa Card Benefit Services Center

Visa Card Benefit Services Center Visa Card Benefit Services Center
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Through the Visa Card Benefit Services Center, Visa provides 24-hour access to card related benefits and services to Visa cardholders from Latin America and the Caribbean region traveling around the world or at home.

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Visa Benefits Portal
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The Visa Card Benefit Services Center provides information on:

  • The Visa benefits associated to the cardholder’s Visa card.
  • Provides insurance certificates of coverage.
  • Transfers to the benefit experts for claims and emergency medical assistance.
  • Transfer to the Visa Rewards program experts.
  • Transfer to the Personal Concierge assistants.
  • Assist personnel at the bank’s branches and call center agents with card benefits information.

Please visit to register your card, open and follow up on your claims, download insurance certificates and terms and conditions.

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