Now when you pay in full for you and/or any other person’s travel tickets from a registered common carrier with your own eligible Visa, each will receive, free of charge, protection against baggage delay that occurs when your checked bags are under the responsibility of a registered common carrier up to the maximum sum insured that applies.

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Coverage applies to Baggage Delay on any Covered Trip, domestic or international, subject to some restrictions. It starts when the checked baggage does not arrive at the intended destination on the ticketed flight, and will cover all legs of the Covered Trip, except the return leg of the trip to the place of residence. Coverage is subject to the applicable terms and conditions; please click here to download. You should report and open a claim as soon as possible after the incident. Coverage is provided by AIG and/or corresponding Reinsurer, if applicable.
For Brazilian cardholders, you must also make sure you have a valid and in effect Travel Insurance Certificate issued on or before January 31st and before the start of the trip for each person you purchased the travel tickets for with your eligible Visa; otherwise, coverage will not apply.

This protection does not apply for travel tickets purchased from common carriers registered or of property of Cuba, Syria, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, or other countries listed on OFAC.

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